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Experience the art of ​relaxation & rejuvenation

What's special about our services? we believe in the power of healing touch. Luxbodi Massage & ​Wellness will always create the best treatment suited for you. Our services can change depending ​on what you’re looking for in your session. You’re in the hands of expert care, bringing passion ​and expertise for you to receive a top-notch service. We embrace wellness with a diverse range of ​massage services tailored to what you are looking for. We make relaxation accessible without you ​compromising on affordability.

Luxbodi Services Collection

Relaxation Massage

It is often chosen by those who do not ​have specific muscle issues or injuries ​but simply want to relax and rejuvenate. ​This type of massage is generally ​considered safe for most individuals.

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Deep tissue massage

It is often sought by individuals with chronic ​pain, muscle tension, or those recovering from ​injuries.It can be a highly effective way to ​address specific issues related muscle and ​connective tissue.

Massage cupping therapy

Cupping Massage

is a therapeutic technique that involves the use ​of suction cups on the skin to create a vacuum, ​drawing the skin and underlying tissues into ​the cup. Promotes blood circulation and ​releases muscle tension.

Luxbodi Services Collection

Pregnancy at Home Pregnant Woman with Back Pain

prenatal Massag​e

is a specialized form of massage therapy ​designed to address the unique needs and ​discomforts of pregnant individuals. Tailored ​to support the physical and emotional well-​being of expectant mothers.

Massage For Children

Children Massag​e

is a gentle and age-appropriate form of ​massage therapy designed specifically children. ​It involves the skilled and nurturing touch to ​promote physical and emotional well-being in ​young individuals.

Indulging a luxurious back scrub
Indulging a luxurious back scrub
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b​ody scrubs

A body scrub is a physical exfoliant, used to ​remove dead skin cells from your skin. ​Including benefits such as unclogging pores, ​prevent ingrown hairs and allows the skin to ​mois​turize better.

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prenatal ​massage

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Relaxation & Deep Tissue

Relaxation &

deep tissue massage

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30 Minute Treatment


45 Minute Treatment


60 Minute Treatment


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90 Minute Treatment


massage with ​cupping

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Children’s massage

(under 12)

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30 Minute Treatment


45 Minute Treatment


60 Minute Treatment


75 Minute Treatment


90 Minute Treatment



At Luxbodi Studio, we value your time as much as we value ours. To ensure smooth operation of our services and to accommodate all of our ​clients effectively, we have implemented the following cancellation policy: If you need to cancel or reschedule your appointment, we kindly ask for ​a minumum of 24 hours notice. Missed appointments or late cancellation will result in a charge of 50% of the service fee. We understand that ​unforeseen circumstances may arise, and we strive to be flexible. Therefore if you choose to rebook your appointment immediately after, the ​cancellation fee will be 25% of the service.

As a small business, these policies are crucial for us to maintain the quality of our services and continue serving you with excellence. We appreciate ​your understanding and cooperation.

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Dec, 31 2024

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Wow! What an amazing massage ​from Faith! Luxbodi is located in a ​beautiful building. It was hands ​down the best massage I’ve ever ​had! Completely took away all pain ​I had in my back and shoulders and ​I was very relaxed the entire time. ​Looking forward to going back! ​Faith is the best!

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I get massages pretty frequently ​and hands down Faith was ​amazing! She got rid of all the ​knots in my back & I felt so relaxed ​after. The ambiance & theme is so ​cozy. She made sure I was ​comfortable with the pressure. I ​will definitely be going back again! ​10/10

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I recommend this business. Was ​able to apply the right amount of ​pressure as requested while ​checking in for updates to see how ​was doing especially in those ​knotted area's. Easy to use website, ​no need to create a account. ​Friendly and very good with her ​craft skills!.

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Personal Information: When ​you visit our studio and ​interact with our services, we ​will collect your personal ​information for health history ​and contact details. We are ​committed to ensure that we ​obtain consent for processing ​your insurance for your ​appointment.

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